Residencial Cleaning Services

Standard cleaning service is what homeowner does, or should do and regular bases regular chores, such a dust and vacuum furniture – Lift and clean under small applice as well wipe exteriors – Cleaning stove top and counters – Wipe cabinet doors – Disinfect sinks _wipe and clean baseboard _ Disingfect and clean toilets, tub and showers

Deep or Spring cleaning

Deep cleaning is different from standar cleaning because it reaches the Deep grime and dirt in your home. It coveres areas which aren’t covered by regular cleaning. – Cleaning frames & wall hanging – Wipe and clean blinds and windows – Hand wipe & claen baseboards – Clean inside & top of stove and counter – Clean refrigerators

Disinfect Cleaning Services

Disinfect Green or chimical free cleaning services is provide for homeowners that are looking for green cleaning services that allow them to keep their homes disinfect by using steam and other natural products to clean with the confort of not having quimicals that can harm their pets or kids.